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$120 per/mo

The most interactive coaching service available anywhere on the web provided by ASC Heavyweight Pro Strongman, Davis Diley. Includes unlimited text communication, phone check-ins, LIVE In-Training video analysis, 100% Custom Designed Program updated weekly, and all of Davis's 10+ years of knowledge at your disposal. 


  • Free Phone Consultation

  • Regular LIVE In-Training Video Analysis

  • Davis' undivided attention, effort, care, and desire to see you succeed

  • Personalized communication and coaching from a Heavyweight Pro Strongman

  • Access to Davis's Personal Training Smartphone App

  • Custom coaching videos recorded for you as needed

  • Unlimited Text and Email Communication

  • Phone Check-ins as needed

  • Daily Critique and Feedback

  • 100% Custom Designed Program, Updated Weekly

  • Access to Lifting Tutorial videos made by or recommended by Davis


  • After you have completed the New Athlete Questionnaire and set up your subscription, We will speak on the phone for a consultation about your goals. Afterwords, I will begin designing the optimal training protocol for you.

  • Throughout each training week, you will send me videos of your core lifts via the 'iMessage' or 'WhatsApp?' texting apps. If I am currently available when a video is sent, I will immediately analyze it and give you my feedback so that you can implement my critiques on the spot. I may also suggest specific increases in weight to be lifted on subsequent working sets.  This makes every one of your training sessions as effective as humanly possible.

  • We will work together on a continuous basis and utilize open communication to help you make the best increases in strength, mind, and muscle possible.

  • You're free to ask any questions you have 24/7 through the Training App's texting feature. I will respond as soon as possible, and help in any way that I can.


"Davis has taken any doubts I've had about online coaching, and thrown them in the garbage. He has worked with me on an individual level, throughout every single training session, and led me through my first ever strongman contest. I have made the great strength gains with Davis' programming and have become a better athlete in every way possible. I am looking forward to what we can achieve together moving forward."

Joe Daughton

NAS/USS Strongman

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