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$120 per/mo

The most interactive coaching service available anywhere on the web provided by ASC Heavyweight Pro Strongman, Davis Diley. Includes unlimited email and text communication, phone check-ins, LIVE In-Training video analysis, 100% Custom Designed Program updated weekly, and all of Davis's 10+ years of knowledge at your disposal. 


  • Davis's undivided attention, effort, care, and desire to see you succeed

  • Personalized communication and coaching from a Heavyweight Pro Strongman

  • Access to Davis's Personal Training Smartphone App

  • Regular LIVE In-Training Video Analysis

  • Custom coaching videos recorded for you as needed

  • Unlimited Text and Email Communication

  • Phone Check-ins as needed

  • Daily Critique and Feedback

  • 100% Custom Designed Program, Updated Weekly

  • Access to Lifting Tutorial videos made by or recommended by Davis


  • First, we will schedule a phone consultation. Throughout our call we will discuss your individual needs, and go over training philosophy that I utilize.  The consultation will allow me understand exactly how your custom program should be designed. 

  • After our call, I will then begin working on designing a program that is best suited for your goals, and will also send you a download link to your new Athlete Profile in my Personal Training Smartphone App. It is here that you will access your custom programming that I formulate and update weekly.

  • Throughout each training week, I will specify certain sets of exercises to be videoed and sent to me during your training session via the 'iMessage' or 'WhatsApp?' texting apps. If I am currently available when the video is sent, I will immediately analyze the video and give you my feedback so that you can implement my critiques on the spot. I may also suggest specific increases in weight to be lifted on subsequent working sets.  This makes every one of your training sessions as effective as humanly possible.

  • Upon the completion of each training week, we will have a phone check-in to review how the previous week of training went, what we learned, and what we will do in the next week. Also, I will answer any questions you have.

  • We will work together on a continuous basis and utilize open communication to help you make the best increases in strength, mind, and muscle possible.


"My experience working with Davis and  having him as my coach has been nothing short of outstanding. Beyond his professionalism, he has gone out of his way to answer endless amounts of questions, take phone calls, and never failed to be detailed in his answers. Even more importantly, he motivated me and pushed me at the times when I felt like giving up. In fact, some of my best training days of my entire lifting career were when I felt defeated and down. He challenged me to not quit, and I got the best lifts I've ever gotten in my life. My strength and confidence  have  skyrocketed since I started working with Davis. I highly recommend him to anybody who is serious and desires to become stronger, faster, and more wise."

Cameron Demarco

NAS/USS Heavyweight Strongman

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