Training You Can Trust.

A Highly Effective - Constantly Evolving Program.
7 Premium Workouts Made Available Every Week.




Train with me on my OWN personal program.

I upload my exact training protocol to the app every single week. I test it and perfect it for you. You're getting the best.

I remove the guess work out of it.

 All you have to do is show up.

On the app

            ✅    Daily workouts

            ✅    Instructional training videos

            ✅    My personal training notes

            ✅    "Chat with Davis" feature

            ✅    Community news feed

            ✅    Weight & PR tracker

            ✅    Food macronutrient tracker

            ✅    Progress photo uploader

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Will this work for you?

Absolutely. Regardless of your experience level, you will add lean muscle and achieve the body you want on my program. We train together using the very best of my knowledge from the past 15 years in the MyLift App.

Video Instruction

I want you to be confident every time you step foot in the gym. That's why exercises that you find in your program will be accompanied by a video tutorial or demonstration coached by me.


Dr. Thomas Gee

In 6 months I have made great progress and have achieved results that have exceeded my expectations... I would highly recommend Davis.

Evan Jandravic

By far the best $$ I have ever spent.. I was one of those guys who thought he could do his own programming and still be successful. Now that I finally made the decision to pay someone to program for me, I can tell that I was basically pissing into the wind when doing it on my own.

Meet your coach

I've been at this for 15 years now. It's crazy how fast time flies right? My journey began when I was 15. I had a passion for improving my body through lifting weights. That passion grew into me wanting to become one of the strongest men in the world as an ASC Professional Heavyweight Strongman. Thats what I did - as a drug free athlete. Along the way, I learned just about everything there is to learn about improving my body. I've spent years refining my craft as a Physique & Strength Coach. Now my passion is helping others achieve their ideal body by delivering badass coaching & programs. Join me & we'll kill it every gym session.



Do you charge a commission for each load?

No. We charge a monthly subscription flat fee that is a fraction of what brokers take. Zerobroker leverages leading technologies and automates processes to simplify our internal operations, keeping costs low and provide greater transparency than ever before.

How does Zerobroker different from any tech-enabled brokerage company?

Tech-enabled brokers are still freight brokers and they charge commissions per shipment. We don't charge commissions per shipment. Moreover, because our earnings don't rely on commissions per shipment, we don't have a conflict of interest with shippers and carriers, so we provide unprecedented transparency that none of the existing brokers can. In addition, we empower carriers with technology, expertise and data analytics so that they can provide world-class service to shippers, no matter their business size.

How are carriers vetted?

Consistent with the industry standards, we review carrier operating authority, safety rating, and insurance using information from the FMCSA database and third-party tools. We also check driving styles, on-time maintenances, and many more parameters to make sure that carriers can provide reliable service to our partner shippers.

Are the carriers required to have cargo liability insurance?

Yes. Carriers working with Zerobroker are required to have at least $100,000 in cargo liability insurance, and we regularly verify these coverages.

What if there is damage to my cargo?

Carriers are liable to shippers for loss or damage to cargo in accordance with applicable law. Zerobroker has an internal team that helps facilitate resolution and supports our shippers in the case of cargo loss or damage. This team will coordinate your claim communications with the carrier. Please contact to report a cargo claim.

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for only $8.99/month

Add Lean Muscle by using my effective program & instruction