What Is The BASE Strength Program?

Simply Put, this is 'THE' program. This is the program that lays the foundation upon which tremendous performances in the future will be built. They say a pyramid is only as tall as it's base. This will give you the best base possible.

How Long Is It?

20 weeks from start to finish. There are two main 10 week phases broken up into two smaller 5 week phases. No stone is left unturned.

What Does It Accomplish?

This is a progressive program that begins with three main goals in mind during Phase 1: Build Muscle Mass & Endurance, Engrain Proper Movement Patterns, Develop full-body tightness & stability.

Phase 2 builds upon Phase 1 with it's own set of goals: Build Absolute Strength & Power.

Who Is This Program For?

Anyone. This program works like a charm regardless of your experience level, age, or level of strength. In fact, the more times that this program is performed the better you will get at executing it, and therefore, the better your results be.

What Comes After This Program?

Typically upon completion of the Base Strength Program, a highly specialized program is implemented with one goal in mind: Performance. We just spent 21 weeks building the horsepower in your engine, now it's time to bring that horsepower out of you and put it on display.


This would be the time to prepare for an upcoming competition, or, if you don't have a competition on the horizon, begin training for new one rep maxes.

Where to go from here

To begin this program, there are a two options available to you:

Custom Programming


1 on 1 Coaching

Sign up for whichever service you feel is right for you, and we'll get you on the right track making progress.

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