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Davis Diley is an ASC Professional Heavyweight Strongman as a lifetime drug-free athlete, and resides in Delray Beach, FL. He has always had a passion for sports. In high school he played football as a First Team All-District Defensive End. He was one of two permanent captains on the team. He also played lacrosse for 6 years as the starting face-off midfielder. During his time training for these sports he found a deep-rooted passion for weightlifting. ​After graduating high school, he passed on the opportunity to play college football, and shifted his entire focus to where his passions lay; to become as strong as humanly possible.

The pursuit of strength led him to find the sport of Strongman. A sport defined by moving seemingly immovable objects. It's an intense battle of strength between the biggest and strongest men on the planet. Davis understands what it means to have a goal. Regardless of what your goal is, be it making your high school sports team or becoming a strength athlete yourself, he will take you under his wing to get you there.

Worked regularly with the Florida Atlantic University Strength Lab under Dr. Mike Zourdos (Pioneering scientist of DUP)

Davis achieved an 805lb deadlift and an ASC HW Pro Card at 24 years old


Deadlifted 821lbs on his 25th birthday


Davis lives in Delray Beach Florida on a lake and loves to go catfishing. His favorite food is Kansas City BBQ!

Training summer 2015

821 lb Deadlift

310 lb Log 6 Reps

IMG_4878 3.JPG
Winning his pro card August 2016
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