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Training You Can Trust.

A Highly Effective - Constantly Evolving Program.
7 Premium Workouts Made Available Every Week.




Train with me on my OWN personal program.

I upload my exact training protocol to the app every single week. I test it and perfect it for you. You're getting the best.

I remove the guess work out of it.

 All you have to do is show up.


On the app

            ✅    Daily workouts

            ✅    Instructional training videos

            ✅    My personal training notes

            ✅    "Chat with Davis" feature

            ✅    Community news feed

            ✅    Weight & PR tracker

            ✅    Food macronutrient tracker

            ✅    Progress photo uploader

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Will this work for you?

Absolutely. Regardless of your experience level, age, or gender, you can add lean muscle and achieve the body you want on my program. We train together using the very best of my knowledge from the past 15 years in the MyLift App.

Video Instruction

I want you to be confident every time you step foot in the gym. That's why exercises that you find in your program will be accompanied by a video tutorial or demonstration coached by me.


Dr. Thomas Gee

In 6 months I have made great progress and have achieved results that have exceeded my expectations... I would highly recommend Davis.


Evan Jandravic

By far the best $$ I have ever spent.. I was one of those guys who thought he could do his own programming and still be successful. Now that I finally made the decision to pay someone to program for me, I can tell that I was basically pissing into the wind when doing it on my own.


Meet your coach

I've been at this for 15 years now. It's crazy how fast time flies right? My journey began when I was 15. I had a passion for improving my body through lifting weights. That passion grew into me wanting to become one of the strongest men in the world as an ASC Professional Heavyweight Strongman. Thats what I did - as a drug free athlete. Along the way, I learned just about everything there is to learn about improving my body. I've spent years refining my craft as a Physique & Strength Coach. Now my passion is helping others achieve their ideal body by delivering badass coaching & programs. Join me & we'll kill it every gym session.

  • Are the workouts updated regularly?
    Yes. The program will constantly evolve on a weekly basis. We don't want things to get boring and stale. There is a balance between changing things up TOO LITTLE and TOO MUCH. If you change things up too frequently, you wont build any familiarity or skill with the exercises that you perform. This lack of familiarty and skill development will dramatically lower your rate of results. Generally, we will stick with a given workout for 2 to 3 weeks (with minor tweaks occuring here and there). Then, after that 2-3 week period, the workout will be dramatically changed into something totally new. Understand - This is Davis's actual program that he does in the gym. He does not like to get bored!
  • Do I have to do all 7 of the workouts per week?
    7 Workouts are made available each week. You DO NOT have to do them all The program is designed in a way that allows you to mold it to your life's schedule - while still remaining effective. You can change the days/order of the workouts to your liking. For optimal results we recommend performing 4+ worktouts per week, but you can definitely make tremendous progress with as few as 3.
  • How much is a monthly membership?
    A membership to the MyLift™ App is $8.99 per month
  • What's included in my monthly membership?
    A lot. You will have access to the awesome programs that Davis designs for himself. They are 100% dedicated to building an amazing looking body - while remaining fun & engaging You will have access to: • Video tutorials demonstrated & coached by Davis • "Chat with Davis" Feature • Weight Lifted and PR Tracker • Meal Log/ Macronutrient Tracker • Community News Feed • Davis's written cues for every exercise • Davis's Training Notes from every workout • Progress Photo Uploader
  • What exactly will the MyLift App do for me?
    No matter if youre a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, the programs provided in the MyLift Training App will dramatically imporve your physique, increase your strength, and support your health. The workouts are blanced, engaging, and will improve your body in every way.
  • What equipment will I need?
    All you will need is a rack, barbell, plates, dumbbells & resistance bands Thats all you will Need... However, it would be beneficial to have a full gym of typical equipment. We do occasionally have some machines, as well as cables prescribed in the programs - But, they can easily be substituted with the basic equpment listed above. If there is ever a piece of equipment prescribed in your your program that you don't have access to, we have reccomendations on how to subsitute it! So, fear not garage gym warrirors... You do not need a full gym complete with machines and cables. We've got you covered.
  • Is nutrition included in the App?
    We do not currently design FULL Nutrition Programs (yet). However, if you have any questions regarding your nutrition, we are there to help guide you to your goal. Also, the MyLift™ Training App has a Nutrition/ Macronutrient Tracker. It syncs up with the MyFitnessPal App!
  • Why am I not making progress?
    In order to make progress towards your goals you must eat properly, train properly, and sleep properly. We call these attributes "The 3 Pillars". If you do not execute The 3 Pillars, your progress will slow down, and in some cases, will completely stop. - Eat to fuel your goals (i.e. Correct calorie intake & enough protein) - Train hard, pushing outside your comfort zone (and have the best program, which you already do!) - Sleep enough (Aim for at least 7 hours each night) So, next time you find yourself frustrated with your rate of progression, ask yourself "Am I eating properly? Training Properly? and Sleeping Properly?
  • Should I do cardio?
    Cardio is a very healthy activity & can be a part of anybody's routine. However, it is not 100% necessary in order to achieve your ideal physique. You can lose fat without any dedicated cardio. That's why we do not assign it in any of our programs. Here's how we view cardio as it relates to our programs: If you want to do a little, go for it. We reccomend that you keep it lower in intensity & limit it to no more than an hour or so per week.
  • Im so sore, should I continue to exercise?"
    Understand that soreness is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be a good sign that your workouts are effective. We classify soreness into two categories. Good Soreness and Bad soreness. Good Soreness usually occurs when you introduce a new training protocol or a new exercise that you aren't quite used to. The soreness can be pretty significant at first, but usually dies down after a few weeks as your body acclimates to the new training stimulus. If this is what you are experiencing, continue your training protocol as prescribed. Bad Soreness is chronic. It never stops, and it perpetually impedes your ability to exercise. If your soreness never subsides, you need to assess what you are doing. Are you eating properly and sleeping enough? These two things are absolutely crucial to recovering from exercise. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep per night and make sure your diet is in check.
  • Why does my bodyweight fluctuate?
    Weight gain does not alawys = fat gain. Our bodyweight fluctuates throughout the day due to several factors. The chief among these factors is water. Certain things cause your body to either hold onto water or release water. For example, your body can go through a period of days when you actually gain weight despite being on a calorie deficit. This is due to your body releaseing a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol is your body's stress hormone, and it causes your body to hold onto water. Anything that causes stress to your body (Calroie deficit, sleep deprivation, life stress etc.) Can cause elevated cortisol levels, and therefore increased bodyweight via holding onto water. Your body will eventually release this water. So, hang in there, and do your best to lower your stress levels. The key is to not freak out, but to do your homework and make sure your are in a calorie deficit. You will lose bodyfat.
  • Should I care about getting stronger?
    Yes. Without question. Often times people tend to believe that they must choose one path or the other, strength or aesthetics. This is not the case. We're not saying you have to try to be the strongest person in the world, but even if your goals are purely aesthetic, focusing on strength is of tremendous benefit. In order to add muscle, you must constantly give your body a reason to add it. In other words, you must constantly be pushing outside of your comfort zone. One of the best ways to to do this is always push yourself to lift heavier weights as time goes on. Think about it, if I told you to lift 10 lbs overhead for 8 repetitions, you likely could do that very easily. Would this send a signal to your body to add muscle? Of course not, because your body can easily do it! On the other hand, imagine I told you to try lifting 40 lbs overhead for 8 repetitions, and you juuuust barely were able to squeak out 8 repetitions with it. Your body would perceive this as a challenge, and would add muscle in response. Moreover, as time went on and you got stronger, lifting that 40 lbs overhead would eventually become easy for you. You would now need to lift 45 lbs overhead for 8 reps, and then 50 lbs, and so on... As you can see, making strength one of your primary goals is a sure fire way to keep your body changing for the better. Remember, your body will only change if you give reason to. So, push yourself to lift heavier weight all the time.
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for only $8.99/month

Add Lean Muscle by using my effective program & instruction

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