Dr. Thomas Gee

Lincoln, United Kingdom

I started working with Davis after having done just a singular Regional level Strongman competition. In 6 months working together I have made great progress and have achieved competition performances that have exceeded my expectations. We immediately began working towards my planned competition, the 90kg British Natural Strongman Finals. This competition featured numerous events I had not performed before. However, after 8 weeks of dedicated programming and regular video and phone coaching from Davis I was able to win the max Deadlift event achieving an over 100 pound PR and performed reps on the block pressing event with a weight I initially could not perform for a single. With my placing at the competition I achieved my goal of qualifying for the 90kg World Natural Strongman Championships in Finland. Throughout the intensive event training sessions for this competition, the back and forth instant video feedback Davis provides was vital to progress optimally throughout each workout and for continued gains throughout the cycle. I surpassed my expectations by achieving a 3rd place podium finish in my category at this World Championship, setting PRs in the majority of events. This owes testament to Davis’s expert use of specialized training blocks and competition peaking strategies. Moving forward, it is very assuring to know that I can put faith in Davis to provide the coaching and support required to keep me progressing in competitive Strongman, and I would highly recommended Davis Strength Systems to any aspiring and dedicated strength athlete.

Evan Jandrakovic

Wichita, KS

By far the best $45 I have ever spent.. I was one of those guys who thought he could do his own programming and still be successful. Now that I finally made the decision to pay someone to program for me, I can tell that I was basically pissing into the wind when doing it on my own. 

Davis is an awesome guy and will take you as far as you want to go if you are willing to put the work in. He took me on as a client 12 weeks out from a competition, and because of the programming, I showed up with more confidence than I ever have before. It was the best competition performance I've had to date. During the competition prep I was struggling with my overhead stability, and with my speed accelerating after picking up the yoke. I told this to Davis, and the next week he changed the programming to address these issues. Because of that, my problems were solved. Since the comp, I have been on a program to address my lack of strength in the basic movements. I know I'm putting in the work, but without the programming from Davis I would not be anywhere near where I am now. I have been hitting a PR almost every week, and I am currently on track to pressing 300 within the next few months.

Bottom line is - If you are even remotely considering purchasing the customized programming from Davis, stop thinking about it, and do it. If you want to take your training to the next level, I promise you it will be the best decision you make.

Derrick Kirkland

Tellico Plains, TN

My overall experience with Davis has been nothing short of amazing... I've improved in every single aspect of lifting. It has been great. I have learned a ton.

Chris Thompson

Lincoln, United Kingdom

I contacted Davis for help training towards the England’s Most Powerful Man -105kg strongman competition. In the short time (6 weeks) that I gave him, Davis was able to vastly improve my strength and proficiency in the required events. In competition Davis’ help allowed me to smash some serious PRs. I ended up with 9 or 10 reps on events that I thought I would ZERO at the beginning of the competition prep. I hightly recommend Davis’ services to any strength athlete looking for seriously effective training to take them to the next level. Davis was a very responsive and enthusiastic coach who responded immediately to any queries I had despite the time difference.

Shannon Spotts

Fort Lauderdale, FL

At first I was reluctant to have a coach, thinking I had been in the gym for many years and “This old dog couldn’t learn any new tricks”. I was wrong. Not only did Davis completely change my routine, he got me results. In only a few months I added 80 lbs to my Deadlift, 70 to my squats, and 40 lbs to my bench press. I’m working hard and getting better results than ever before. While training at 45 years old can be painful, my joint pain and over all muscle fatigue is much less. Davis has the knowledge to get you exactly where you want to be in the gym. He offers great feedback and support, and is ready to kick you in the ass when you need it for slacking off. Forget what you think you know about training for your goals.... Save yourself the time and stress and trust Davis as your coach to get there as fast and as safely as possible.

Jared Silverman

East Northport, NY

I want to say how fantastic the coaching Davis has provided me with has been. I never would have been able to make this kind of progress on my own, and especially in such a short period of time. Davis has been incredibly open and responsive to every question and concern that I have had. I'm so appreciative that he always takes the time to explain every little change to the program with me. I can't thank him enough for his guidance, and for how quickly he always responds to my questions and lifting videos I send to him. He is truly gifted at what he does. The cues he offers, and the critiques he gives of what he sees in my lifting videos have been incredible. If someone had told me a coach would be able to watch a video of me deadlifting (on a day that the weights felt heavy and I felt "so-so") and know that I could hit a PR, I would never have believed it... But he routinely does. So, a big thank you to Davis. I really look forward continuing to work with him.

Diego Cardona

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I signed up with Davis Strength Systems after I registered for my first strongman competition, 2016 Florida strongest man novice class. It was my first time ever competing and training like a strongman competitor. Initially I was nervous and I had no idea what to expect. Signing up for Davis's training system was the best decision I made. Davis was there every step of the way. He doesn't just give you an Excel sheet and then leave you on your own. He backs you up every step of the way. Through Davis's programming I was able to hit PR's and accomplish lifts I never thought I would be able to do. I would recommend him to anyone that wants a coach that really loves and enjoys what he does. In order to be successful with Davis Strength Systems you have to listen, trust in the program, and work hard!

Dylan O'connor

Baltimore, MD

Working with Davis was vital to my success. I don't think I could have played on the University of Maryland football team without his help to get me prepared.

Cameron Demarco

Erie, PA

My experience working with Davis and  having him as my coach has been nothing short of outstanding. Beyond his professionalism, he has gone out of his way to answer endless amounts of questions, take phone calls, and never failed to be detailed in his answers. Even more importantly, he motivated me and pushed me at the times when I felt like giving up. In fact, some of my best training days of my entire lifting career were when I felt defeated and down. He challenged me to not quit, and I got the best lifts I've ever gotten in my life. My strength and confidence  have  skyrocketed since I started working with Davis. I highly recommend him to anybody who is serious and desires to become stronger, faster, and more wise.

Phill Ozar

Boca Raton, FL

Davis not only coached me all the way through, but also kept motivating me along the way. A true coach and genuine human being doing what he does best.

Zachary Jones

Boca Raton, FL

Not only is Davis a man with a great heart but he also has an incredible passion for helping those around him succeed. He is easily the strongest person I have ever met and he has a 'whatever it takes' approach to reaching his goals. It has been a pleasure lifting with him and i know that as long as he follows his passion he will find success wherever he goes.

Timothy Siler

Lovettsville, VA

Davis really helped me build strength and explosiveness. I know it made me a much better athlete, and I really enjoyed the experience.

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